Car parts

Supporting the Future of Cars with Excellent Technologies and Thorough Inspection

The engine is the heart of a car.
We are involved in manufacturing common rail distributors for green diesel engines. A common rail system refers to a system that enhances complete combustion of fuel by injecting fuel at very high pressures. Diesel engines with a common rail system can reduce the emission of soot, thus proving to be environmentally-friendly. We are able to produce such cutting-edge devices because we have excellent machining technologies and thorough quality control.

We attach work procedure manuals to each machine used in the manufacturing process, and the staff in charge of each process take responsibility for checking whether the work procedures are followed. Finished products are carefully checked one by one at the appearance inspection area by our dedicated staff. Moreover, we rigorously check even nano-scale errors using a precision tester.

We not only manufacture common rail distributors, but we have also received many requests from customers to create prototypes of other car parts. We are proud to offer perfect products through our sophisticated technologies and thorough product management.

We can accommodate any need in the manufacturing and
marketing of machine tools as well as automatic confectionery machines.

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