Ice Monaca mission


We possess technology that has been developed throughout our approximately 70-year history. We also continue to retain a spirit of inquiry without being satisfied with such technology. We aim for further technological development, making use of our present technology and spirit of inquiry.


The technology that we have cultivated over many years is one of our greatest assets. When we manufacture parts of various sizes and types and assemble them into products, there are many processes that can be performed only by skilled craftsmen. Their skills also have a significant effect on the performance of our products. Specifically, the output of our monaka-producing machines is 15,000 units an hour. Meanwhile, there are machines that are manufactured overseas based on our technology that can only produce 10,000 units an hour at most. The capacity of our machines has been developed based on technology that we have cultivated over 70 years since our foundation. There are no shortcuts to this. We will continue to pass on our technology from skilled craftsmen to our younger workers.


We have introduced a 5-axis processing machine and a 3D CAD/CAM system to help customers realize their dreams through our products, which are manufactured using new machining techniques. Regarding molds for monaka products, we can meet various needs of customers regarding the shape of products, such as conventional ones and artistic ones. We can also respond to their needs regarding a wide variety of products, including shrimp crackers and wafers. Highly evaluated for our creativity, we were selected in the “Excellent SMEs (Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises) and Micro Enterprises Selection 300” in 2014. We will work to help customers open up a brand-new world in their respective fields.


We provide one-stop service from proposal, design, and manufacturing to inspection, delivery, and maintenance. Through this service, we can flexibly respond to the needs and requests of individual customers. We promise to achieve results for you, with responsibility for the entire production process, from start to finish.

We can accommodate any need in the manufacturing and
marketing of machine tools as well as automatic confectionery machines.

+81 (563) 72-8414