Our Machines Are Packed with Know-how for Manual Production.

There are a wide variety of machine tools,
including tools that need to be operated under a constant temperature or humidity.
To make full use of machine tools,
sophisticated knowledge and technologies are required. However,
manual production know-how is a decisive factor
in bringing greater benefits to the production process.
We manufacture first-class equipment, which our staff offer with confidence.
We do not stick to one product area,
but are involved in various kinds of manufacturing activities,
including prototyping car parts and manufacturing special molds for
hand-baked confectionery products.

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  • Main Body of an Automatic Monaka Baking Machine
    TAM64 N2 (moldbase amount 64)
    TAM52 N2 (moldbase amount 64)
    TAM36 N2 (moldbase amount 64)
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  • Baking Plate
    S Type
    WS Type
    CS Type
    TS Type
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  • Inclined Output Conveyor
    VC-2 (Belt-type: 2 m in total length)
    AC-2 (Mesh-type: 2 m in total length)
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  • Adjustment Conveyor
    SVC-2 (machine length: 2 m)
    SVC-3 (machine length: 3 m)
    SVC-4 (machine length: 4 m)
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  • Sifter
    Machine No. FR-2
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  • Raw Material Tank
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  • Mixer
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  • Raw Material Feed Pump
    Five pumps
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  • MA-1
    Manual make monaka wafers burning machine.
    I open and close a handle department to the top and I put raw materials and make with monaka wafers.
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  • TAM36-P156-N2
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We can accommodate any need in the manufacturing and
marketing of machine tools as well as automatic confectionery machines.

+81 (563) 72-8414